Water Retention Caused by Hormonal Imbalance

It is widely agreed that the majority of water retention is caused by poor diet and the long term consequences of a poor diet. However, it is also true that many people, after they have corrected their diet and completely detoxed, still suffer from water retention. Medical staff need to accept that there are many other causes of water retention, especially as those causes have regularly been identified by researchers.

We haven't got space here to look at these individually and I'm sure that you would tire before reaching the bottom of the article if we did. So, we need only list them below. Research has identified that these factors all contribute to water retention and from scanning the list you'll no doubt identify with at least one cause, other than diet, which is likely to be attributed to your own.

Food Intolerance

The Contraceptive Pill

abuse of laxatives

abuse of diuretics

abuse of drugs


poor kidney function


poor food digestion

heart problems

protein or thiamine deficiency

varicose veins

sodium retention (poor magnesium & calcium balance)


poor magnesium & calcium balance in the body



allergic reaction

Four significant causes in this list can only affect women and so it is hardly surprising that women are still the main sufferers after diet has been corrected, whereas in men, a change of diet is usually sufficient to resolve the problem.

Hormonal changes caused by the contraceptive pill, HRT, PMT and pregnancy are the next major contributing factors. If you are one of these women who suffer from hormonal imbalance, howsoever it affects you, it is highly recommended that supplements are taken to control this. Hormonal imbalances cannot be corrected by everyday diet but herbal supplements such as StarFlower Oil, Evening Primrose and many Chinese herbal remedies greatly improve hormonal balance. Ingredients such as Dandelion, Fennel seed, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Celery seed, Potassium, Calcium, Uva Ursi, Horsetail and a herb called Tang Kuei. A number of these can be found in everyday foods but many cannot and a supplement is by far the easiest way to ensure the perfect balance is attained to achieve good results.


Tang Kuei specifically recovers hormone balance

Chinese herbalists have known about Tang Kuei for many centuries as a muscle relaxant and aid to hormonal balance. It is part of a daily regime for thousands of Chinese women.

Used here in conjunction with Chamomile (also known for its calming properties) to help control the hormonal imbalances which cause mood swings, hot flushes, PMT and the discomfort of monthly muscle cramps.

Tang Kuei is a very popular product amongst women worldwide for it's calming effects and water balance control at certain times of the month.

Tang Kuei in tablet form

Suzanne Herwish is a Herbal Nutrition advisor and distributor for Herbalife - a worldwide herbal company that specialises in perfectly balanced nutrition to irradicate day to day health problems which are so easily resolved through diet. If you suspect your water retention is due to hormonal imbalance but have not yet tried a change of diet, visit my resolve water retention through diet blog first. Diet is the most common cause. Once you have eliminated the effects of poor diet then it is most likely to be a hormonal imbalance and Tang Kuei is a highly recommended and effective herb.

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